Previous Update09/02/19 - BIG UPDATE

Hello everyone!

Finally a big update for the Gammatelier : dozens of pics done in the last couple of years, and that I had forget to upload here.
A bit because of technical issues (VPN necessary now), a wishful desire for changing the wbesite (but never got myself to do it) and mostly because I was too lazy :/

As you might know, I have a Patreon page.
This Patreon isn't supposed to be a paywall behind where you can find exclusive pics, whith me just giving glance at it from time to time. I consider it to be a real patronizing tool : it gave my patrons access to the pictures I draw in advance (and participate to polls, or propose ideas, etc....) AND it helps me pay for my bills (I don't have a job right now) basically.
IT IS NOT A PAYWALL: everything that you find in the Patreon will eventually end up public somewhere (Gammatelier.free.fr, deviantArt, Twitter, etc...)

So, hence why I'm sorry I didn't upload all those pics earlier for those not supporting me :/
P.S: whole batch of pics uploaded! look at 2017-2018 galleries, as I tried to give the true drawing dates

That said, I can't thank enough all my patrons so far: they're really helping me make ends meet. Thak you for your support!
And for the others, well... don't hesitate to tip me in one way or another if you like what I do. ^_^


P.S: if people have ideas for other platforms I should try, tell me. I'm interested, though I'm a bit wary to have 5-6 platforms to update each time, etc...


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