Welcome to the Links page. Here you can find many websites and imageboards with the same sort of kinks as the Gammatelier. In the art section, you can find links to websites of talented artists - not really about kinks, but I enjoy visiting them because of the quality of their art.

I hope this page will help you find cool places you hadn't been to before!

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Image Boards Links
Visit 4chanThe American counterpart of Futaba Channel got an alternative hentai section. Mostly futa, but a lot of fetishes here.

Visit GurochanTHE board about freakshow and guro. All "sick" fetishes can go there.

Visit IdleChanA lot of specific categories in this image board. There is also an adult section at the bottom.

Visit HandicappeA japanese image board about amputee. You can find rare stuff here, but it's not updated often.

Monster Girls
Visit Monster GirlsA nice japanese image board only about monster girls. Very nice art, but please try to avoid posting creepy western art!

Futaba Channel
Visit Futaba ChannelAlso knows as "2chan". The most famous japanese chan has a guro section.

Related Links
Gamera1985 on DeviantART
Visit Gamera1985 on DeviantARTMy account on DeviantART. I used it to upload all my non X-rated art while the Gammatelier was down.

Agent Orange Return
Visit Agent Orange ReturnConjoined futa nekomimis here! Quite funny and sexy drawings.

Legends of Belial
Visit Legends of BelialFreaky transformations, dicks everywhere, somehow bestial... You've been warned!

Nullbrainz the 4th
Visit Nullbrainz the 4thA japanese friend artist who draws dick-necks, pussy-necks, pussy-mouths, etc... Weird but sexy.

Akita Morgue
Visit Akita MorgueA guro japanese site with very nice illustrations and amazing ideas. Disturbing and sexy.

Karbo on DeviantART
Visit Karbo on DeviantARTA friend's page with giantesses, vore and nagas. Very nice colorations.

Digital Knockout
Visit Digital KnockoutThis japanese artist trademark are large insertions: with him girls can put almost anything inside them. He is a reference now.

Ann's Garden
Visit Ann's GardenNice illustration japanese website with various fetishes.

Visit Pukarin-KoFull of colors animal and plant girls in a very cute style. Kawaiiii!

Zenra Restaurant
Visit Zenra RestaurantGo back to old galleries to find many centauresses.

Carrot Rukia
Visit Carrot RukiaA friend's website with many transformations from different artists, including me. Also nice stories.

Visit ArunanaA japanese artist website with a peculiar but nice style. Robots, amputees, petrifications, guro, etc...

Visit MaruchiroFutanari japanese website. Really big dicks (and balls) here, generally on little schoolgirls.

Tenseiani Blog
Visit Tenseiani BlogHuge bellies, bestiality, massive breasts... Never before pregnant women haven been so sexy!

Visit SaipokuhamuHumiliated and amputated anime girls... What else could you ask for?

Tagaki's Room
Visit Tagaki's RoomA japanese artist drawing girls being shooted, amputated and eaten. Nice art and very bloody guro drawings.

Kurobane / Ageha
Visit Kurobane / AgehaTouhou blog with futanari and big breasts. Nicely drawn.

Gammatelier on PIXIV
Visit Gammatelier on PIXIVNot much yet of my drawings, there, but at least check the links!

Katawa Shoujo
Visit Katawa ShoujoA dating simulation game about girls with disabilities...just perfect!

Visit AcerubiJapanese artist with a realistic style. Lots of fetishes and nice amputees in the "Daruma" gallery.

Visit E.T.FishBondages and Shibari, what else to add?

Visit CytoloCutest yokai girls ever and Touhou fanart...a must see.

Visit KurobinegaThe website of the man who does the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Really cute art.

Maze of Soul
Visit Maze of SoulSiscom's website. some weird stuff and lots of limbless sequences.

Yuni on DeviantArt
Visit Yuni on DeviantArtMostly male drawings, but also the best contortion art I've seen so far. A must see for anyone who like people bending.

Hitori Madness Club 9
Visit Hitori Madness Club 9A Mexican Artist's blog: Mostly about bondage, limbless girls, guro and ladypots.

JazzLizard on DeviantArt
Visit JazzLizard on DeviantArtAn American artist, specialized in xenobiology, who created his own universe. Many cute and strange aliens there, oh...and boobs!

Art Links
Takamichi's Homepage
Visit Takamichi's HomepageThe japanese illustrator of "Comic LO". His drawings might seem simple, but so achieved at the same time. Not updated a lot.

Studio P-HEAD
Visit Studio P-HEADA Japanese artist with a "loli" art style. Lively and funky colors.

Visit X-RationA doujinshi artist with a recognizable art (plumpy bodies, round eyes, etc...). He did a lot of Ragnarok Online illustrations.

Attic Work Space
Visit Attic Work SpaceRyoji MAJIMA's website (Nippon Ichi illustrator) with his very peculiar art style. Not a lot of drawings here, but still very good.

Fungus Grotto
Visit Fungus GrottoA westerner artist who does very nice colorations on his art. Deserve a watch at least.

Visit ToukasinJapanese website with a cute art style. I like its simplicity.

Fantasy Carnival
Visit Fantasy CarnivalA japanese website with pretty sceneries and wonderful coloration.

Visit DHPA french artist website with very lively body colors.

3D custom Girl
Visit 3D custom GirlNo art site, but a program that permit you to customize your own girl and make her pose. Lots of sets online, even some amputee ones.

Dead Sites Links
Visit MenazortNot updated anymore but was once THE place where to find limbless girl drawings. Still a lot of guest galleries to check.

Access' world on Yahoo Groups
Visit Access' world on Yahoo GroupsA friend's group which is not really updated anymore. Still, a nice universe to discover, with cute mutant girls.

Zig Zag Factory
Visit Zig Zag FactoryJapanese website with women being humiliated and remodeled into objects or sextoys. Also nice stories to describe each picture.

Nagamimi's Library
Visit Nagamimi's LibraryVery nice orginal art: many monstergirls and many concepts. A must see!

Visit TamaidoMore than 10 years online. Guro, freaky stuff, mostly loli. Also a very interesting "3D Custom Girl" sets for amputees.

Naga's Den
Visit Naga's DenA good friend's website with armless nagas, satyrs, transgenders, centauresses, etc... You can find almost anything here!