Tera Versus the Pendant (by NiceTeaGirl; 8 chapters, 24,000+ words)
Bullied by Tera at work, the introverted Helen use a Magic pendant to warp reality to her whims.
(dickneck magic)

 The Goddess Provides, Officially (by DavePotter; 10 chapters, 14,000+ words, complete)
In an alternate modern Egypt, old gods still matter and traditions remain... A tale of love and potization ! Story by DavePotter
(ladypot potgirl)

 Quint Boss (by Pozzo; 1 chapter, 6,000+ words)
The new manager is bossy and demanding... but she is also completely limbless and devoid of head! Follow our hero as he has to work for her on a daily basis
(limbless headless)

 A birthday competition (by DS; 4 chapters, 18,000+ words)
In the world of the rich and powerful, nothing is ever out of reach, or so a young boy will find out. Keeping to himself in his manor with models as maids, one would think that would be enough... But his Mother has decided he needs a wife : someone that will give him a legacy and follow his heritage .It seems this young man has very specific tastes about his ladies…don’t worry….Mommy has already planned for that…
(limbless harem)

 The Morgans (by Jadowstar; 5 chapters, 7,000+ words)
Three bullies, their sadistic bullier, and the different outcomes of their relationship.
(Limbless, TF, multiple endings)

 Autophagia (by Winston; short story, 1,000+ words, complete)
Secluded in her cabin, with a neverending harsh winter outside, a woman is taking....extreme decisions [b]WARNING: Gruesome[/b]
(Cannibalism, Amputee)

 Ahead in her life (by JadowStar; 1 chapter, 4,000+ words)
Life is quite hard when you're just a head... I mean, literally, not just the brainiac type. She's bodyless and do her best with the little she has. That won't stop her from being a "normal" student at her college.
(Bodyless, Geek, Cyborg)

 The Ennui of Luxury (by NoCoeur; 1 chapter, 3,000+ words)
A royal ladypot and the sister to the pharaoh, Kaya has led a life of luxury and excess, completely dependent upon, and distant from those around her. She has been confined to the palace grounds for the past several years, as punishment for having disobeyed her brother. Given a chance to leave, she experiences a world both old a new, one she hasn't seen since she had a body to call her own.
(ladypot, masturbation, hellenistic egypt)

 Downsized (by Winston; short story, 3,000+ words, complete)
In a crippled economy, downsizing isn't really uncommon...wait!? You mean THAT kind of downsizing? Hopefully, you can always count on your family when that stuff happens to you.

 Pins (by various authors; 3 chapters, 8,000+ words)
Two lesbians find themselves with pins that cause limbs to disappear, while causing flexibility to increase. Sexiness ensues
(Magic Limbless Futanari Lesbians Armless)

 Gabrielle & Cecile (by Winston; short story, 5,000+ words, complete)
Living with your head separated from your body is one thing, but sharing that body with another person can be quite interesting.
(Heads, Neckless, Slice of Life)

 Budding Office Love (by Jadowstar; short story, 6,000+ words, complete)
Being an office employee isn't always easy, but what can you do when your chief is a bossy ladypot that won't let anyone step on her?
(Ladypot, Romance, Sex)

 The Pot-Girl Museum (by Jadow Star; short story, 3,000+ words, complete)
Welcome to the Verbal Tour of the Pot-Girl Museum. Please follow me, Sirs and Madams, as I tell you about this surgery procedure among the ages, and how it survived until today. Maybe you'll want to become one too at the end of this visit.
(Weird, Goofy)

 Broken Prison (by DS; 8 chapters, 23,000+ words, complete)
A continuation to Broken Home. Nathalie is now safe and secure with Lily, Rose and Deb, but for how long?
(lesbians, amputees, humiliation, adult baby)

 Trick and Treats (by DS; short story, 1,000+ words, complete)
Tony and Rachel have one scary house left on their trick or treat route... and learn that being brave isn't always wise. A special story for Halloween 2008!
(scary, spider, cute)

 Maid and Mademoiselle (by DS; short story, 3,000+ words, complete)
Being Mademoiselle's maid can be quite an hassle, but when Odette shares her body in order to save her mistress' life, how will her own life end up?
(conjoinment, comedy, masturbation)

 Coming out a head (by Phenodyree; 6 chapters, 52,000+ words, complete)
Sophie just woke up from an accident and found herself to be the guest in an unusual mansion on the American west coast. Now it's time for her to meet all its strange occupants, and also to deal with her new body.
(freaks, lesbians, magic)

 Butterfly (by DS; short story, 4,000+ words, complete)
Vanya Belkina, a young doctor new to the rural village of Vershina, is confronted with a girl scarred by horrible burns. Without money for proper treatment, she is forced to make a decision between alleviating the girl's suffering and honoring her father's wishes.
(Amputee, romance)

 Broken Home (by DS; 8 chapters, 23,000+ words, complete)
When Lydia feels the cold stab of a syringe in her neck, she realizes she finally pushed her old lover Nathalie too far... but what will Nathalie, a prominent scientist, do to her to make sure she can't ever leave her again?
(Amputee, lesbians, blood, hybrid, mad scientist)

 Warmth in winter (by DS; 3 chapters, 11,000+ words, complete)
Eveline and Sandra, students at Queen's Solace college, agree on a very sexy bet - with one being even more competitive than the other, they soon go to great lengths to make sure they don't lose, no matter what the consequences...
(comedy, futanari/female sex, magic, amputation, humiliation, orgasm denial)

 Amara's adventures (by Yomerome; 4 chapters, 17,000+ words, complete)
In a world where humans and half-humans live together, and where magic is normal, was casted a spell upon a princess. To save her from her curse, the king has gathered quite strange adventurers on a quest for a remedy...
(heroic-fantasy, elves, petrification, half-humans, centauress)

 Freak Island (by Yomerome; short story, 4,000+ words, complete)
Myth Island is a place where were gathered mutant women, each of them with her own specificities. Daily life goes smoothly, until outside world's envy is involved...<br><br>Inspired from my comic.
(mutant girls, half-body, multi-breasts, conjoinment)

 Xifeng (by Yomerome; 4 chapters, 8,000+ words, complete)
A walk into a forest that ended into a tragedy, which changed the entire life of of a young girl. But with magic and her will, she can overcome her fate.
(old China, amputee, magic, blood)

 Eva Pot (13 pages, complete)
Ritusko's new project to ameliorate synchronization has been approved... Now it's time to test it on the children. Better quality on [url="http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=40441487"]Pixiv[/url]
(Evangelion, Potgirl)

 A hand named Sally (2 chapters, 30 pages, complete)
In a city full of mutant women, Sally just try to do her best as a hand-girl. Follow her daily life at her new job.
(mutant girls, conjoinment, hand, puppet)

 Ran, Quillis and Naali (9 pages, complete)
Three friends coming back from school. Everything is fine until some demonic cum falls from the sky... and then, weirdness begins.
(magic, transformations, dicks, lesbians)

 Fiona (9 pages, complete)
She wanted to get bigger breasts. But never use magic when you're still learning it. Hopefully, she got a comprehensive friend.
(magic, dickneck, lesbians)