Contact Information
You are always welcome to leave comments on my profile, or on a specific section of my site (updates, art, stories, etc...); I will do my best to read them all! For personal questions, you can contact me by E-Mail, or by Instant Messenger, through:

E-Mail: gammatelier@gmail.com
Discord: Gammatelier#2629

Commission Information
Commission status:
not accepting commissions for now

Commission pricing:
50€ single inked character
100€ single colored character

The price may increase if additional characters and/or specific conditions are requested; feel free to E-Mail me with a description of the commission, so we can discuss the details.

If we reach an agreement, you will first pay me through PayPal. Once payment has been confirmed, I will draw a sketch according to your request. If you’re okay with the result, I will ink/color it according to your commission, and send the final version to you when it's complete.

I accept pretty much anything you can find on this website (such as futanari, amputee, conjoinment, taur, female transformation and others), but I reserve the right to decline any commission I don't have time for, I dislike or cannot fulfill for any other reason.

WILL NOT DRAW FURRY!!! because...I suck at it, really >_<

If you want to support my work without requesting a commission, donations are always very much appreciated. To donate, please visit the Gammatelier Paypal page.