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Ojou-Maid (22/03/18)
I think I need to explain a bit this one:

the young mistress (blonde head) was born with a rare disease: she's just a head, with a penis for a neck (literally a dickneck).
In order to get around more efficiently, her family afford to get a few maids specifically modified in order to "fit" her: they have their brain relocated in their chest, and they got a pussy up there between their shoulders (don't ask me more about their biology, i'm not a doctor, hahahaha)

Here the young mistress is "trying" a new hired maid who started working at the mansion a couple of days ago. she tries to fed her boss some tea, but she's still a bit unsure abotu how to work properly.

I think it'd work better with more dismorphism between the head and the body: either an older head, or a more muscular body (like a bodyguard)

I like the symbiosis that is necessary for both: I think it would work well for lovers to be like that too! :)
Maybe a next one!

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