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Judith DURNAN - Standing (10/03/17)
Judith was your average teen, though a tad tomboy and most of all athletic : a good soccer player and fan of physical activities. Growing up in the suburbs, she was quite a fan of the urban activities it can provide, doing with some older friends somesort of Parkour... Up until, oneday, she missed the target and grabbed an overhead powerline to avoid falling down.

After a 2-day blackout, she woke up to see bandages around her shoulders and hip : badly burnt, they had to be amputated to the bone to avoid necrosis. She kept her right leg, which wasn't touching the ground at that moment.

While such a predicament would have put many people in quite a disarray, she started training once she was off the hospital, in order to be able to hop by herself and not be stuck in a wheelchair. Took her some months, but she managed to muscle up her remaining leg and to get a pretty good balance.

Truth is she often walks with a leg prosthetic attached to her leg (especially for the long run), but she prefers not wearing it... You could also say she became quite fond of naturism as years passed, as dressing up became quite a bother.

Ten years have passed and she's now 24 years old. She makes a living being a gym teacher, and she often perform stunts for movies. As for her hobbies, they are still quite... outdoorish: swimming, racewalking (with prosthetic on), yoga, bodybuilding, etc.... For her next birthday, she plans on starting diving.

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