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Headless Torso Office Lady (10/07/18)
Peak Efficiency is the all and be all.

Those were the last words from my boss before she left for her proceedure. I have to be honest, I did not believe she was going to do it. When she removed her legs...and her arms...I thought that had been the end of it. Now I see what all the contractors have been busy with in the office building.
Now my job is to look after her. keeping her in my earpiece as I do the last few things she isn't able to do on her own. It is a bit awkward. I clean her, relieve her of the last few "urges" she as. Sometimes I wonder, when she is detached from the device and asleep (I think) I wonder if this is really want she wanted in the end.

That's quite a situation to be in, especially when she choose it herself!

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